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lverma stationary biked 20.00mi in 1:00:00
56 minutes ago
Raiderback stationary biked 15.00mi in 50:00 124/142
1 hour ago
lchiappetta walked 2.50mi in 46:45
3 hours agoThree Oaks park
After eating too much for dinner, I walked aroudn the park while Luke practiced.
thetriranger stationary biked 13.40mi in 40:03
3 hours ago
JulieDeery road biked 11.00mi in 45:00
3 hours ago
trying out new bike
Oldswed lifted weights for 55:00
4 hours ago
djm2150 road biked 37.30mi in 2:43:00
4 hours ago
RobAllen ran 8.20km in 46:00
5 hours ago
lchiappetta stationary biked 9.00mi in 32:19
5 hours agoLA Fitness
Spin- 133 watts I was on the bike after legs and sweated my ass off. I was in saddle mostly and legs felt a little tired. Some heavy and fast. Decent ride.
MVM swam 2700.00yd in 45:00
7 hours ago

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