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Recent workouts

Oldswed lifted weights for 1:00:00
5 hours ago
rehab bra pass
Oldswed walked 8.00km in 1:20:00
5 hours ago
promenad hem
mistressk ran 4.80km in 29:08
2 hours ago
Lunch Run Lunch run - ennis to office via edw-courtneypk-hwy 10-brun-whit-trad. Cooler but windy af and legs super sore/tired.
AlbertoE road biked 50.00km in 2:00:00
1 hour ago
stillmoving stationary biked 33.00km in 1:00:00
26 minutes ago
SwimShoes dreadmilled 3.10mi in 26:15
1 hour ago
Lunch Run
Daremo ran 3.15mi in 27:43
1 hour ago
Lunch run Short, didn't go onto the trails because of rain. But good pace considering. Super humid out. Beat the rain.
jt3 swam 600.00yd in 15:00
2 hours ago
Short swim in hotel pool
jt3 ran 2.50mi in 25:00
2 hours ago
Hotel treadmill
jt3 stationary biked 10.00mi in 35:00
2 hours ago
Hotel gym bike

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