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ericmulk lifted weights for 09:00
4 hours ago
5 x 50 sit-ups on 2:00.
ericmulk ran 4.50mi in 48:00
4 hours ago
ericmulk swam 5500.00yd in 2:00:00
4 hours ago
Sancon7 mountain biked 25.00km in 1:22:00
4 hours ago
mistressk did yoga for 16:45
5 hours ago
Balance training 100 x bboard swings, 16 x L + 24 x R surf stance swings (no touch/hallway), 20 x ftb mini swing (no touch/hallway), 6 x L + 16 x R goofboard swings (hallway; almost getting it goofy), 5s 1-foot log roller bal es, 30s log roller bal + 2 x 6 steps ed, 24s slackline bal es, 20s 1-foot lengthwise bal es, 32 x plank knee elbow touch, child pose w/arms on board.
mistressk ran 6.36km in 38:39
6 hours ago
Post-work run Tanker rode along. Who knew there would be so many midges in the new hood? R ankle not awesome but cooperative.
Herbert ran 3.18mi in 38:10 119/158 392
7 hours ago
Jabra Night Hawk Power hiking at 12:15 pace up Runnymede
rcmioga swam 2000.00yd in 35:00
7 hours ago
rcmioga lifted weights for 35:00
7 hours ago
rcmioga road biked 44.00mi in 2:45:00
7 hours ago

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