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Oldswed lifted weights for 1:00:00
2 hours ago
aby 2k rodd+styrka+trappm, bra pass
monty swam 3000.00yd in 56:00
3 hours ago
30x100's-- 10S@1;40(1;27 to 1;23)5x100IM kick@2;05(1;57 to 1;54)5p@1;30(1;17 to 1;14)5IM kick@2;05(1;58 to 1;53)5p@1;30(1;118 to 1;15) 3000SCY. palmdale pool
AlbertoE open water swam 1000.00m in 20:00
3 hours ago
ericmulk swam 500.00yd in 11:00
4 hours ago
devashish_paul ran 15.00km in 1:26:00
4 hours ago
5xBlair Road Hills
devashish_paul road biked 46.00km in 1:32:00
4 hours ago
Rockcliffe ride plus commute
mistressk ran 6.21km in 36:13
6 hours ago
Lunch Run New route who dis? Around the back of Hershey (Paramount) Centre just 'cause...but ended up longer than I wanted, on a hot, sunny day. MRPH.
Sancon7 open water swam 1500.00m in 31:00
6 hours ago
Blmgtnbkr stationary biked 26.49mi in 1:23:33 110/123 739
7 hours ago
Rouvy Ride in California
do3b swam 2000.00yd in 30:00
7 hours ago

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