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IronTED swam 1900.00m in 45:00
3 hours ago
crocsblancs mountain biked 32.00km in 2:00:00
17 minutes ago
VTT bords de Loire
dddave ran 3.00mi in 30:00
1 hour ago
AM on icsey roads
Scot swam 2500.00yd in 45:00
1 hour ago
Scot ran 9.00km in 45:00
1 hour ago
Scot stationary biked 39.00km in 1:00:00
1 hour ago
SwimShoes ran 3.49mi in 29:28 182
2 hours ago
Evening run
roballey ran 5.69km in 31:26 151/161 449
3 hours ago
Short OD Run Much better run than Sunday, felt a lot looser and actually put in a bit of effort. Slightly different course
mistressk ran 5.26km in 30:01
4 hours ago
Lunch run Lunch run - ennis to office via edw-kenn-mathsn-mc adam-whit = most of way up parking lot. Ankles meh; gloomy, overcast day with mixed precip.
RobAllen ran 6.00km in 32:00
4 hours ago

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