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Oldswed lifted weights for 1:15:00
5 hours ago
SimonN road biked 48.69km in 1:20:54 150/179 1,083
3 hours ago
Windy Autodrome - Xert Breakthrough: SILVER | https://www.xertonline.com/activities/occ2ak92sot70l4l |
lchiappetta walked 0.60mi in 11:00
36 minutes agoLaps
Cool down walk off the bike with pro shake.
chuckd dreadmilled 6.00km in 32:45
44 minutes agoHome
lchiappetta mountain biked 10.00mi in 39:33
1 hour ago10 Mile Home Loop
Moto MTN Bike Nice sunny day with a dry breeze and mild since a fornt came in. I rode easy and flew with the wind. I dropped another log before the ride so it was nice!
P McCatty did yoga for 22:01
1 hour ago
Afternoon Activity 🔥🔥 #AcclimatizationProtocol
P McCatty dreadmilled 5.50km in 25:00 486
2 hours ago
Lunch Run TM
Dr. Tigerchik ran 6.40mi in 1:00:00
2 hours ago
AlbertoE ran 25.00km in 2:00:00
3 hours ago
Easy + + ppg
lchiappetta lifted weights for 1:00:00
4 hours agoHouse
Beast Bulk Legs 231.2lbs- Woke up and drank bang and took green tea.Had a big dukie and did legs. Worked a nice sweeat but r calf is hurting. I went a lil heavier since I was at ahome. Good workout.

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