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devashish_paul swam 3200.00m in 1:00:00
12 minutes ago
rjacobs7 ran 7.00mi in 1:03:00
1 hour ago
buffduff ran 2.50mi in 20:00
1 hour ago
Pep Boys to Home Quick pace felt good
lchiappetta walked 2.10mi in 39:44
3 hours agoLaps
Walk in the drizzle after dinner with yeesha and dog. with Alicia
mgalluzz ran 4.00mi in 28:00
3 hours ago
Jonesy Al road biked 17.04mi in 1:01:11 115/131 540
4 hours ago
South Shields/Whitburn/Sunderland/Boldon/Boldon Colliery.................lashed it down but a nice rainbow. Windy, wet and cold, so a bit sketchy to say the least. Loads of traffic due to road works, so spent a fair amount of time sat waiting.
jt3 trail ran 5.00mi in 45:00
4 hours ago
Big Bear. Condo/fern/moon ridge loop
jt3 mountain biked 25.00mi in 2:15:00
4 hours ago
Gravel bike in Big Bear
lchiappetta lifted weights for 1:00:00
5 hours agoHouse
Beast Bulk Shoulders 231.8lbs-After work I drank Hyde and dropped an 18 inch clean pinch. I did the shoudlers and was sore from the back workout yesterday. I went pretty heavy and sweated.
Scot road biked for 0:00
5 hours ago

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