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TheKoz ran 7.15mi in 1:06:25
5 hours ago
AlbertoE ran 5.00km in 26:00
5 hours ago
Sancon7 stationary biked 76.00km in 2:00:00
4 hours ago
AlbertoE road biked 70.00km in 3:00:00
2 hours ago
UK2SD ran 10.00mi in 2:02:57 1,055
40 minutes ago
UCSD to Del Mar and back (including Torrey Pines hill)
Anna s trail ran 6.00km in 38:00
30 minutes ago
Evening run
Anna s trail ran 6.00km in 36:00
30 minutes ago
Afternoon run
jezco ran 3.54mi in 30:15 132/141 359
11 minutes ago
98/99 Evening Run
roballey ran 5.36km in 30:32 143/166 394
21 minutes ago
Short OD Run Easy run exploring park paths just to do something different.
Flemish Arrow ran 3.60mi in 31:30 518
35 minutes ago
3rd run of the day ; #126 of the Challenge; polar watch went haywire: ran an extra 10 minutes to make up the time

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