Registered: May 03, 2006
Age: 50
Sex: Female
Location: , US

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Swim 260:32 867,744.4 yds
Run 89:14 528.5 mi
Bike 102:59 1,637.2 mi
Walk 7:58 25.3 mi
Other 58:32 12.8 mi
XC Ski 3:39 12.2 mi
Total 522:55 2,708.8 mi

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Swim 0:00 4,376.4 yds
Total 0:00 2.5 mi

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Monday, Aug 31, 2015
Swim 4376.4 yds
At Mermaid. WU: 1 x 600 in 33m - standard 500 pattern but just 1 lap catch up and 1 lap head high. Then 5x100 im rl, p, k, dr, sw. tHen 4 x 25ksp = IMO. Then 200 pull and 100 free. My fingers and thumbs were numb so went for 2 mile run before returning. 9 x 100 done as 1:50, 1:40, 1;30, 1:45, 1;35, 1:20, 1:40, 1:30, 1:20. Then 3 x 100, 200 on 1:40/3:05, 1:35/2:55, 1:30, 2:45. CD: 50k, 50p.
Sunday, Aug 30, 2015
Swim 40 min, 2407.0 yds
Easy recovery swim at Mermaid after running. Did 100 easy in scm then the kids got out to run so I did 800 in the 33m section. Then did 8 x 100 alt k and swim with fins followed by a 400 pull with paddles and buoy. Cooled down with 100 of touch back drills.
Run 37 min, 4.0 mi
From Mermaid to Wenz park around fields to trail. Took trail to the end then back out to the office park right by the building I last worked in at IMS! Then ran back to Mermaid entering on Jolly and ran around the property a bit to get to 4 miles.
Bike 1 hr 7 min 30 sec, 17.8 mi
Rode easy to temple ambler then to UDHS and did the UD tri course - 34:10 from transition, 2 loops and back to transition - 2nd loop was about 45s faster than 1st. Then rode home easy.
Saturday, Aug 29, 2015
Swim 2 hr 10 min, 9059.1 yds
Lake George 2.5k USMS Natl Champs and 5k swim about an hour later. Warmed up about 400 before the 2.5k. Water was perfect - low to mid-70s and water was pretty calm. Got a good start and drafted off a guy for most of the race but he would go off course at times so I was swimming solo then we would come back together. We entered the finish chute together but he waded in the long section of shallow water while I did dolphin dives and ended up beating him by about 12s. Ended up 1st overall female and 4th overall swimmer. cooled down a little then the 5k started about an hour later. The chop had picked up big time and it was like being in the ocean! I had a slower start and thought several people were ahead - it was harder to tell position b/c of the chop and swimming amongst the 10k folks. I got on some girl's feet for the first lap then she dropped back and I led the hard choppy first leg of the 2nd lap. I accelerated for about 200m to see if she would drop back but she hung tight so I slowed down. She then passed me on the 2nd leg of the 2nd lap and accelerated but I was able to get on her feet and draft and she eventually slowed down. When we got to the finish chute she sprinted and I had no sprint in me as I was fatigued from the first race. It turns out we were 1st and 2nd overall - top 5 were females! Cooled down a few 100y after the swim.
Friday, Aug 28, 2015
Swim 15 min, 1000.0 yds
To first buoy on course in Lake George and back...choppy!
Run 31 min, 3.4 mi
Fort wash loop done as 5 mins easy, 3 rounds of Martha pick ups (18 mins) then the remainder was easy running.
Thursday, Aug 27, 2015
Swim 45 min, 3063.5 yds
At Mermaid: 3 x (800 in 33m section, 1 mile run) - #1 warm-up - 4 x 100: 1=easy, 2=33 of 7-1, 66 fr, 3=33 R/33L, 33 fr, 4=wrist, fingertip, thumb slide. then 4 x 133 IM 1=3r/3l, 2=dr, 3=sw. #2=4 x 200 on 3:15. #3=4 x 200 on 3;10 - 1=no equp, 2-paddles, 3=pdfs, 4= paddles and pdfs. THen 400 cool down done as 2 rounds of 66 k, 66 sw, 66p.
Run 23 min 16 sec, 3.1 mi
3 x 1+ miles around mermaid: 1=7:56, 2=7:32, 3=7:14
Bike 1 hr 51 min, 30.3 mi
indirectly to hhhs and planned on ridng with the guys to Pickertown. They were going hard from the start and I hung even up Redstone but it took its toll and we went thru the neighborhood to get to pickertown. audrey and i got dropped and then audrey pulled away o the uphill. no prob, i had hoped to go hard for 15-20 mins and did. then took pickertown to stump and took the long way home. beautiful night!