Registered: May 03, 2006
Age: 50
Sex: Female
Location: , US

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Swim 226:49 741,268.2 yds
Run 70:49 423.6 mi
Bike 82:37 1,298.9 mi
Walk 7:48 24.8 mi
Other 51:32 12.8 mi
XC Ski 3:39 12.2 mi
Total 443:15 2,193.3 mi

Summary: Month

Swim 18:00 63,349.7 yds
Run 8:29 48.9 mi
Bike 11:49 176.5 mi
Other 2:30 0 mi
Total 40:48 261.3 mi

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Saturday, Jul 25, 2015
Swim 45 min, 2625.8 yds
2000 done as the standard 1000 pattern. 8 x 50 - 4 o 45, 4 on 50. they kicked us out 3 mins early - had hoped to get another 200 in.
Run 35 min, 4.2 mi
Brick run after 42 mile ride to Peace Valley. Aimed for goal tri 10k pace but first half mile was well over 8 min mile pace. Finally got my legs and kept the next 2.5 miles in the 7:10-7:30 range - mile 2=7:26, mile 3=7:12. After 3 miles I jogged to the farmers market then with cheese and chicken home! Very happy with the 3 mile hard effort.
Bike 2 hr 48 min, 42.6 mi
Did a version of a common SCU ride. Climbed Gordon for the first time in years and enjoyed it but was surprised to see a new development and a park near the top! Rode back on the 202 parkway after Chalfont. Beautiful morning for a ride and my back never hurt but my neck was fatigued.
Friday, Jul 24, 2015
Swim 35 min, 2000.0 yds
In Abington Y's3 lane 20y 86F pool while waiting for Keswick guys to work on my bike tune up.
Run 55 min, 4.7 mi
Beautiful cooler day (68F) with low humidity but Calvin was slow with lots of breaks. Grrr.
Thursday, Jul 23, 2015
Swim 1 hr 15 min, 4376.4 yds
at mermaid in 33m course.
Bike 1 hr 4 min, 15.5 mi
6 loops of the little hill on Township line to r on wood spring to r on grasshopper to r on cathcart.
Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015
Swim 1 hr, 3600.0 yds
At GA did my own thing. WU: standard 1000. MS: 1 x 800 - 4x (150 fr/50 IMO) with pdfs. 1 x 600 - 4x(100fr/50 imo) with paddles. 1 x 400 - 4 x (50 fr/50 imo) paddles and pdfs. 1 x 200 im. Then finished with 8 x 75 ksp with pdfs. odds=fr, evens=imo.
Run 1 hr 6 min, 6.0 mi
Nice cooler and less humid weather so had hoped to run a bit faster and farther with Calvin today. He had other ideas in mind and kept wanting to stop and sniff stuff so we actually were way behind the pace I had hoped on the first half. Then he was a bit better on the 2nd half till mile 3.9 when he decided he wanted to chill out on some grass! Finally got him going but we were out for over 50 mins for 4.8 miles. Then I ran 1.2 miles setting up the smackdown course after swimming.
Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015
Swim 1 hr 15 min, 4376.4 yds
At Mermaid in the 33m section. Did mostly what the sprint lane did.
Bike 1 hr 47 min, 28.7 mi
I am not sure what is going on with Tues/Thurs nights but it always seems to rain even when none is predicted. Went with A group and was redlining from the start. (Got a QOM for that long flat stretch at the beginning - I was just hanging on for dear life!) Soon it started looking dark on the way to doylestown and i told them I would be turning around if it started raining. Soon after passing CB S I felt the first drop and turned around. (We were at mile 8 - in 20 mins - fast!) It was just spitting on the road by CBS and soon I was heading towards sunny skies so decided to go a bit longer rather than riding straight home. As I rode in Lower Gwynedd though I was regretting that decision as the skies got real dark and the winds kicked. Up that motivated me to ride a little faster and less than 30s after I walked in the house the skies opened up!
Other 1 hr 15 min
Tami's yoga class.