Registered: May 03, 2006
Age: 49
Sex: Female
Location: , US

Summary: Year

Swim 247:23 845,249 yds
Run 81:34 527.1 mi
Bike 116:36 1,880.4 mi
Walk 10:18 37.1 mi
Other 49:02 0 mi
XC Ski 5:55 26 mi
Total 510:48 2,950.7 mi

Summary: Month

Swim 19:20 77,418.4 yds
Run 6:37 40.9 mi
Bike 7:30 118 mi
Walk 1:25 4.5 mi
Other 2:00 0 mi
Total 36:52 207.4 mi

Summary: Week

Total 0 0mi

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Sunday, Aug 24, 2014
Swim 25 min, 1500.0 yds
5 x 300 easy - 1=100fr/100dr/100desc st ct. 2=pull with buoy and snorkel. 3=kick. 4=IM: 3r/3l, dr/sw, 5=50k/50sw/50p x2. Then 15 mins in hot tub.
Bike 1 hr, 14.0 mi
Easy ride to horsham.
Saturday, Aug 23, 2014
Swim 2 hr 28 min, 10940.9 yds
USMS National 10k OW champs in Lake George. Water temp was 71 - nice - air in 60s and overcast. Toes and fingers starting feeling like they might go numb but I pushed the pace on the first half and kept wiggling them and then was fine. Went out with the lead pack and hung at the back for the first lap. then kept going as everyone stopped to fuel at 2.5k so briefly led till 3 people went FLYING by! i caught the one guy and another girl caught me and we just drafted. At the far end turn I took the lead the and the chop had really picked up on the 2nd half of the loop. I led the whole leg and the girl stayed on my feet but the guy fell off pace. I stopped for my bottle of hot tea at the pontoon but couldn't find it and finally gave up and just drank water. The girl did not wait and took off never to be seen again. So I swam solo for the next 1.75 laps and was mentally struggling as my left hip flexor had been bugging me since about 4k and I had to pee since 5k. When i got to the last lap I knew it would be ok and on the final stretch I saw another guy so sprinted over to his feet but could only hang with him for about 300m then went back to my pattern (20 fast/20 easy, 19 fast/19 easy, etc). Walked to the finish line as the water was too shallow to swim but I couldn't seem to run either b/c it was too deep for that! Finished and ran straight to the bathroom. Ahhh! 1st in AG, 3rd female, 5th person in 2:28:14.
Walk 20 min, 1.0 mi
To saugerties lighthouse on nature trail and back.
Friday, Aug 22, 2014
Swim 20 min, 1488.6 yds
In lake george with Alison.
Run 14 min, 1.5 mi
To Lake George from cabin, then walked a bit then ran back.
Walk 10 min, 0.5 mi
Walking in Lake George.
Thursday, Aug 21, 2014
Swim 45 min, 2600.0 yds
Solo at Y before heading to Petco then to Lake George. Standard 1000. Then 4 x 150 - last 50 fast, then middle 50 fast, the 1st 50 fast, then all fast (1:49). KSP stuff and cool down.
Walk 35 min, 2.0 mi
From cabin to Lake george village and back.
Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014
Swim 50 min, 3282.3 yds
At Kelly - last day open, boo hoo. Did the standard 1000 pattern for 2000. Then did a super 10000.
Run 1 hr 5 min, 6.5 mi
4.2 with Calvin; 2.3 with Athena - she didn't want to run on Cynwyd trail so went in the creek and played fetch for a bit.