Registered: May 03, 2005
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Location: Reston, US

Summary: Year

Swim 46:46 155,335.5 yds
Run 145:29 1,000.8 mi
Bike 263:57 4,708.7 mi
Walk 18:25 63.1 mi
Other 52:08 21.4 mi
Total 526:46 5,882.3 mi

Summary: Month

Swim 7:29 25,280.9 yds
Run 11:54 81.6 mi
Bike 15:29 313.6 mi
Walk 7:20 18.8 mi
Other 4:40 0 mi
Total 46:53 428.4 mi

Summary: Week

Total 0 0mi

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Wednesday, Aug 24, 2016
Walk 30 min, 1.5 mi
Walked around work and home. Legs almost feel back to normal.
Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016
Walk 30 min, 0.9 mi
walked around Mont Tremblant before long ride. Also walked around Lake Placid a bit.
Monday, Aug 22, 2016
Walk 30 min, 0.9 mi
walked around Mont Tremblant a bit. Legs are bad but not as bad as a lot of other days after.
Sunday, Aug 21, 2016
Swim 1 hr 11 min 52 sec, 4366.0 yds
Thought swim went well but disappointed with time. Course was little long. Also lots of chop and swells in middle half. Also had lots of congestion in last third.
Run 4 hr 3 min, 26.2 mi
First half was right on target and felt pretty good. GI troubles led to inability to get any fluids or calories in over last 12 miles. Pushed on the best I could. Did have to walk portions unfortunately.
Bike 5 hr 9 min 30 sec, 112.0 mi
6400ft of climbing. pouring rain for last 4 hours. Felt like I went pretty easy for most of ride. very happy with time but legs were pretty shelled mid run. 260watts avg.
Walk 20 min, 1.0 mi
walked to transition and back as well as swim start.
Saturday, Aug 20, 2016
Walk 30 min, 0.9 mi
walked around a bit. Would have liked to swim or do a short run. Spent too much time getting around with kids.