Registered: May 03, 2005
Age: 44
Sex: Male
Location: Reston, US

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Swim 48:38 163,680.7 yds
Run 109:46 758.4 mi
Bike 227:55 3,999.4 mi
Walk 5:51 17.4 mi
Other 37:30 2 mi
Total 429:42 4,870.2 mi

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Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015
Swim 49 min, 2735.2 yds
Felt the groove just like yesterday but storm cut my workout short. Did pull buoy and paddle work in as well as finger tip drill.
Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015
Swim 50 min, 2954.0 yds
Really good day in the pool. Added 500m of fingertip drill and seemed to really help stroke as a whole. Would have swam 3500 but ran out of time. Starting to get better balanced relaxed feel back.
Monday, Jul 27, 2015
Swim 10 min, 656.5 yds
damn. Legs were sore so I wanted a good shakeout swim but lightning his right after I started my workout. Bummer. Been better in the water lately.
Bike 15 min, 5.0 mi
Easy warmup of the legs for weights. Still pretty stiff and sore from yesterday's run.
Other 1 hr
full compliment of weights. Lots of dynamic core. Really hit legs good. Felt much better than before workout.
Sunday, Jul 26, 2015
Run 3 hr 10 min 26 sec, 21.0 mi
Another nice steady long run. Faster than last week and I had less recovery going in. Another pretty hot and humid day. Starting to get stronger for sure.
Friday, Jul 24, 2015
Swim 50 min, 2954.0 yds
Awesome day in the water. Really figured it out by keeping stroke wide , slow and long. Full drills than alternated 3 x 100 with fins and without. 1:25 and 1:40, respectibely. Wanted to go longer but ran out of time.
Run 1 hr 41 min 52 sec, 14.0 mi
Pretty tough spadework on treadmill. Should have been harder though. 1.5mi warmup from 6-7.5 then 8 x 1mi @ 6:40 (3), 6:30 (3), 6:20 (2) and then .5mi codlin. Would have gone longer but treadmill couldn't go over 99minutes.