Registered: May 03, 2005
Age: 43
Sex: Male
Location: Reston, US

Summary: Year

Swim 90:55 300,479.2 yds
Run 158:40 1,141.1 mi
Bike 308:12 5,186.6 mi
Walk 8:55 26.6 mi
Other 40:50 18.6 mi
Total 607:34 6,543.6 mi

Summary: Month

Swim 4:35 15,462.6 yds
Run 11:35 81.8 mi
Bike 26:10 454.5 mi
Walk 4:00 12 mi
Other 3:20 0 mi
Total 49:40 557.1 mi

Summary: Week

Total 0 0mi

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Friday, Aug 22, 2014
Run 32 min, 4.0 mi
easy run on 3rd street to get the feel for the road and temps. Legs feel pretty good. Did some surges.
Walk 1 hr, 3.0 mi
Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014
Swim 50 min, 2844.6 yds
I don't know. Workout didn't feel quite as good as yesterday. lil concerned that this is the last real swim before race. Band drills felt really good and were fast. Just need to remember to keep wide and drive from hips.
Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014
Swim 39 min, 2188.2 yds
Felt much more fluid and better today but time cut short. Most drills. Only 400 backstroke, no paddles, and ended with 2 x 50 in :45 on 1:00.
Run 14 min 8 sec, 3.2 mi
Fast but controlled and well within ability. Went from 8mi to 9mi per hour. 7:30-6:40 over the 2 miles. Stretched good after. Feeling pretty good.
Bike 1 hr, 21.0 mi
Progression ride on trainer. Levels 12-17 10min each. Went from 160-310 watts over hour. Steady progression but really up'd power over last 5-6 min. Went straight to fast and short brick run to keep legs sharp.
Monday, Aug 18, 2014
Swim 49 min, 2735.2 yds
DIdnt feel all that fluid and fast. i guess thats what i get for the lack of swimming in the last two weeks. i hope all of this volume and handwork is for now. Need to swim well this week.
Run 30 min 25 sec, 4.0 mi
easy 1mi warmup at 8:30 pace. main set: 6 x .25mi @6:00min pace with .25mi recovery at 8:30 pace. .25mi cool down at 8:00pace. Just wanted to get legs moving fast again. Did this on treadmill before strength program.
Other 1 hr
full strength program. used weighted resistance for core. last workout for race will likely be isometric.
Saturday, Aug 16, 2014
Run 1 hr 17 min, 10.0 mi
Grea trail run in Migi Das Cruzes. Garmin died with apprx. 2 miles to go. Also ran those last near near LT since I was running late.
Bike 30 min, 10.0 mi
Biked on trainer in hotel. Did some short hard surges to reming leg but resistance was broken on bike so it was more fartlek like. Ran right off bike.