Registered: May 03, 2005
Age: 43
Sex: Male
Location: Reston, US

Summary: Year

Swim 107:28 355,986.2 yds
Run 198:23 1,432.1 mi
Bike 371:53 6,332.9 mi
Walk 12:15 36.7 mi
Other 50:05 20.6 mi
Total 740:06 8,024.6 mi

Summary: Month

Swim 7:18 24,500 yds
Run 20:32 148.7 mi
Bike 32:00 546.2 mi
Walk 0:20 1 mi
Other 3:15 0 mi
Total 63:25 709.8 mi

Summary: Week

Run 0:59 7 mi
Bike 1:00 21 mi
Total 1:59 28 mi

Sport Overview

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Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014
Run 59 min 30 sec, 7.0 mi
easy steady state run on treadmill until .5mi left then put in about 1/3 of a mile at LT (6:50 pace).
Bike 1 hr, 21.0 mi
Pretty tough stationary workout. 10min warmup at 170-180 watts. Then 3 sets (3min @ level 18, 19, and 20) with 2 min recovery. Wayys on at 270-300, with 170 watt recovery. Went straight to brick run on treadmill.
Sunday, Oct 19, 2014
Run 3 hr, 22.0 mi
Slight progression long run on treadmill. Started at 9:00, slightly eased up until lat mile was at LT. Pretty tough in middle. Consumed about 350 calories total.
Saturday, Oct 18, 2014
Run 25 min, 3.1 mi
Ran 6+ loops of neighborhood. Took about a mid before my legs came in, then got much easier.
Bike 6 hr, 107.0 mi
Did a GA long ride of the old RBC Century loop. Pace was very easy early due to headwinds. Over last 20 miles did some hard long intervals at Half IM pace. Brick run right off bike of hilly loops in neighborhood.
Friday, Oct 17, 2014
Swim 50 min, 2700.0 yds
tikes. horrendous day and didn't get better. Opening 500 in 8:19 and even with drills band times were way off. Ended up cutting workout short. Now that I will have an off week next week I'm hoping for a reset. Really need to go back to drawing board.
Run 22 min 30 sec, 3.1 mi
Jumoed straight in to .25mi repeats at 6:min pace. 6 x .25mi with .25mi recovery. Good hard workouts.
Bike 1 hr, 21.0 mi
Really hard session on rainer at gym. 10min warmup at 170 watts, then 25 x 1min @325 watts, with 1 min recovery at 170 watts. Really hard on legs. Were throbbing at end. Went straight to hard short intervals on treadmill.
Thursday, Oct 16, 2014
Swim 1 hr, 3300.0 yds
Thought I had it figured out yesterday but no such luck today. Opening 500 in 8:10 when I thought it would be sub-8. Did full drills. Band work was slower which was disappointing but I did 5 x 100 with paddles no fins and took off a second with every repeat. 1:23-1:27, on 2:00, then 4 x 24 in :20, then 2 x 100 cool down.
Run 1 hr 15 sec, 7.0 mi
Very easy treadmill run. Wanted to keep it very easy since I'm running daily this week plus hard yesterday and tomorrow.