Registered: May 03, 2005
Age: 43
Sex: Male
Location: Reston, US

Summary: Year

Swim 4:31 15,962.9 yds
Run 24:05 173.3 mi
Bike 40:47 729 mi
Walk 1:01 3.3 mi
Other 12:25 0 mi
Total 82:51 914.6 mi

Summary: Month

Swim 2:19 7,800 yds
Run 10:01 69.8 mi
Bike 26:31 447.5 mi
Walk 0:20 1 mi
Other 6:10 0 mi
Total 45:22 522.7 mi

Summary: Week

Swim 0:55 2,900 yds
Run 0:28 3 mi
Bike 16:15 262.5 mi
Other 0:15 0 mi
Total 17:54 267.1 mi

Sport Overview

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Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015
Run 28 min 19 sec, 3.0 mi
Brick run on the hilly trails in Sabino Canyon. Pushed pace toward end.
Bike 4 hr 1 min, 70.7 mi
East side of Tucson. 2 loops of Park and then out and back to Colossal Caves. Didn't do loop. Pushed pretty hard on first loop and coming back. Brick run afterward.
Tuesday, Feb 24, 2015
Swim 30 min, 1600.0 yds
Some drills. Lots of 100s with fins, paddles, backstroke, etc.
Bike 5 hr 23 min 23 sec, 92.8 mi
Took Shootout route out and did Madera. Strong winds. Pushed hard coming down. Worked together in some tough winds coming back.
Other 15 min
Core work both isometric and dynamic with ball and obliques.
Monday, Feb 23, 2015
Swim 25 min, 1300.0 yds
Some drills and help from Andy and Steele. Felt some progress. Lots of 100s.
Bike 6 hr 51 min 26 sec, 99.0 mi
Not great fitness. Limited effort to 150 HR but should have been 20 beats lower at speed I was going. That extra 15lbs is killing me climbing. This is goon hurt. At least nutrition was good and fatigue not bad considering how long I went.
Sunday, Feb 22, 2015
Run 1 hr 28 min 30 sec, 8.8 mi
Nice easy hilly trail run around Tucson mountain park. Knee not too bad.
Bike 2 hr 16 min, 37.0 mi
Gates Pass and double McCain loop. Some pickups. Worried about my fitness this week.
Saturday, Feb 21, 2015
Run 58 min 30 sec, 7.0 mi
Easy run on treadmill and straight to weights at USGS gym. Knee not great but OK during weights.
Other 1 hr
full regimen of weights.hit core good. limited machine for legs.