Registered: May 03, 2005
Sex: Male
Location: , US

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Swim 75:02 247,817.5 yds
Run 134:28 966.8 mi
Bike 259:40 4,345.7 mi
Walk 4:55 14.6 mi
Other 33:30 18.6 mi
Total 507:36 5,486.4 mi

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Swim 1:37 5,032.8 yds
Run 3:53 26 mi
Bike 48:54 667.7 mi
Other 1:00 0 mi
Total 55:24 696.6 mi

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Sunday, Jul 13, 2014
Run 2 hr 50 min, 17.5 mi
legs felt really fresh at start but heat and humidity really took a toll. barely made it back scary.
Friday, Jul 11, 2014
Bike 4 hr 19 min 45 sec, 54.6 mi
Finished off the way I started in the opposite direction plus add Toussiere. Pushed a lil harder on Toussiere. Legs feel really good. Better than at any camp before.
Thursday, Jul 10, 2014
Bike 6 hr 21 min, 86.0 mi
Data got corrupted in upload. Briancon and did the I'Zoard and Col Agnel. All went down hill from there when I lost my phone and got lost trying to find it.
Wednesday, Jul 09, 2014
Bike 8 hr 1 min 13 sec, 117.5 mi
Beautiful ride into Italy via Col du Mont Cenis. Awesome. Legs feeling good considering. Didn't even mean to go the same time as yesterday.
Tuesday, Jul 08, 2014
Bike 8 hr 2 min 20 sec, 120.5 mi
Brutal tough day thanks to wet, snowy, and icy conditions,. Did Col D'Isere. Highest pass in Europe. Driving wind and snow last 4km. Awesome but tough. Lots of memories.