Registered: May 03, 2005
Age: 44
Sex: Male
Location: Reston, US

Summary: Year

Swim 37:43 125,021.8 yds
Run 130:16 893.6 mi
Bike 240:30 4,247.6 mi
Walk 11:05 44.3 mi
Other 46:28 21.4 mi
Total 466:03 5,278 mi

Summary: Month

Swim 4:40 15,864.3 yds
Run 12:47 85.5 mi
Bike 64:18 971.4 mi
Walk 0:40 2 mi
Other 5:20 0 mi
Total 87:45 1,067.9 mi

Summary: Week

Swim 0:40 2,297.6 yds
Run 0:10 1.5 mi
Bike 2:17 46 mi
Other 1:00 0 mi
Total 4:07 48.8 mi

Sport Overview

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Tuesday, Jul 26, 2016
Swim 40 min, 2297.6 yds
Not a great day. Felt slow and bloated in that I swam less than three hours after lunch. Got to stop doing this. Need to go at lunch or after work altogether. 1500 in drills then 10 x 50 on 1:00 alternating fins with and without.
Run 10 min, 1.5 mi
.25 mile warmup and cool down with 10 x 200m at 5:00 pace. First couple felt rough and awkward but got running legs with long stride. Felt fluid over l;last 3-4. Need to do more of this. Will help running off the bike.
Bike 2 hr 2 min, 41.0 mi
RBC2 ride. Legs felt dead and tired early on but after about 10 miles really started to push the pace. Did lots of pulls. New brick afterwards/
Monday, Jul 25, 2016
Bike 15 min, 5.0 mi
very easy spin to get some blood pumping through the legs. Wanted to swim but thunderstorm squashed that. Needed to work out some soreness so I could lift.
Other 1 hr
full compliment of weights. Worked core and legs very well.
Sunday, Jul 24, 2016
Swim 40 min, 2297.6 yds
Pretty easy day of drills. Couldn't push pace. Water simply too hot. 5 x 100 with fins and paddle to set stroke. 100 cool down.
Run 3 hr 2 min, 21.0 mi
Progression run on treadmill. Simply too hot outside. Pushed pace at end of second and third hour.
Saturday, Jul 23, 2016
Swim 50 min, 2844.6 yds
Drills. Main set: 10 x 50 paddle and buoy then 6 x 100 alternating fins and no fins.
Run 23 min 54 sec, 3.1 mi
progression run. hilly loops. 9min mile, 8min mile, sub 7 mile.
Bike 3 hr 26 min 54 sec, 62.6 mi
Really hot. Just solo cruise the length of the W&OD. Surprised it was that fast because it was all zone 2. Hard short brick to follow.
Friday, Jul 22, 2016
Bike 6 hr 57 min 30 sec, 125.2 mi
Surprisingly fast pace for a rather hilly new loop,,Over 8K of climbing but still managed over 18mph. Had to push pace near end to beat daylight.