Registered: May 03, 2005
Sex: Male
Location: , US

Summary: Year

Swim 48:01 157,398.5 yds
Run 76:41 558.9 mi
Bike 126:22 2,304.6 mi
Walk 4:55 14.6 mi
Other 20:45 18.6 mi
Total 276:45 2,986.1 mi

Summary: Month

Swim 7:47 27,110.5 yds
Run 6:49 53.7 mi
Bike 11:30 200.5 mi
Other 3:00 0 mi
Total 29:06 269.5 mi

Summary: Week

Swim 3:02 10,200 yds
Run 2:08 16.5 mi
Bike 1:35 14 mi
Other 1:00 0 mi
Total 7:45 36.3 mi

Sport Overview

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Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014
Swim 1 hr 3 min, 3600.0 yds
Started off real poor. Was pretty fruistrated but got it fixed. i think I'm a lil sore/tight from last nights upper body weight workout. Opening 500 in disappointing 7:59 but drills got it much better. Did band 50s in 40 each. Main Set: 20 x 25 in :20 on :30. Did last one in :19. Felt much easier than a couple months ago.
Run 1 hr 5 min 39 sec, 8.5 mi
Started off real nice and easy since this is the first time I'm running on back to back days with the new technique. Tried to keep pace easy but by end I was picking it up. Still not so bad. Pretty windy and cold.
Tuesday, Apr 22, 2014
Swim 1 hr 5 min, 3600.0 yds
A lill better day back in the pool. opening 500 still a somewhat disappointing 7:52 but swim seemed to get better from there. Did a lot of strength work with paddles. Keeping stoke wider much faster. Solid 40sec 50s with paddles. Then did 500 with fins and paddles in 6:30. Main set: 5 x 100 @ Oly pace 1:28, 1:28, 1:27, 1:28, 1:29 and 100 cooldown.
Run 1 hr 3 min 4 sec, 8.0 mi
Back on the treadmill due to rain and late day. New form at a forced easier pace. Did a progression run from 8:36 to 7:00. Went straight to weights after.
Other 1 hr
full compliment of weights. Normal for lower and upper body. Did full motion resistance for core. Will do isometric later in week.
Monday, Apr 21, 2014
Swim 54 min, 3000.0 yds
Easy day back in the pool in after a week. It showed. Opening 500 in 7:56. not happy. Didnt get much better as I felt the time off. I think I know how to get it back. Did all drills. Need to keep relaxed and stroke long.
Bike 1 hr 35 min, 14.0 mi
Good offroad MTB ride with Eric. Checked out new trails in LFP. Really good. My handling seems to be a lot better than times past.
Sunday, Apr 20, 2014
Run 56 min 30 sec, 8.0 mi
Pretty easy paced run using new form. Same route as last Thursday but went a lil farther. Felt much better today. kept it very easy for the first 6+ but pushed hard to get back to house once off trail. New form is amazingly fast but seems to put more stress on legs.
Thursday, Apr 17, 2014
Run 1 hr 2 sec, 7.7 mi
Ran on Salt Lick trail to and from Caludia and Cris' house. Felt pretty bloated and indigestion but needed to get out with the funeral and all coming. Slowest run using new form but started to feel better toward end.