Registered: May 03, 2005
Age: 44
Sex: Male
Location: Reston, US

Summary: Year

Swim 3:58 12,000 yds
Run 33:21 232.6 mi
Bike 30:00 560.8 mi
Other 12:05 0 mi
Total 79:24 800.2 mi

Summary: Month

Swim 0:50 2,400 yds
Run 5:04 35.4 mi
Bike 4:36 94 mi
Other 1:05 0 mi
Total 11:35 130.8 mi

Summary: Week

Run 0:57 7.5 mi
Bike 1:35 32 mi
Total 2:32 39.5 mi

Sport Overview

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Tuesday, Feb 09, 2016
Run 57 min 9 sec, 7.5 mi
1.5mi warmup from 6.0-7.5 then 6 x .5mi @6:00 pace with .5mi recovery @8:30 pace. .5mi cooldown. Felt pretty easy. Taper from 10 to 6. Last hard workout prior to marathon.
Monday, Feb 08, 2016
Bike 1 hr 35 min, 32.0 mi
Good 90+ progression from level 12-16. 160-210 watts. Wanted to do 2 hours but I'm tapering.
Sunday, Feb 07, 2016
Swim 50 min, 2400.0 yds
swim clinic. Still lots of problems with my stroke. Just need to get more consistent.
Bike 1 hr, 21.0 mi
Pretty hard progression ride. Level 12-17 throughout the hour. ave'd over 200 watts for the whole ride. Went from 160-265 over hour.
Other 1 hr
Finally got a full weight workout. Did a good mix of core work.
Other 5 min
Did a quick and hard 1000m rowing to work the back and get some extra cardio in.
Saturday, Feb 06, 2016
Run 22 min, 2.2 mi
warm up to the For the Love of It 10km. Ran a lil longer since it was so cold. Legs feel pretty fresh but 25F will make it hard for a fast race time.
Run 40 min 43 sec, 6.2 mi
Distance may have been a lil off. My new Garmin recorded 6.37mi. Still a lil disappointed. That I would break 40. Pretty close though considering temps.
Thursday, Feb 04, 2016
Run 1 hr 1 min, 6.2 mi
very easy run just like Tuesday. Wanted to get some miles in without compromising run performance in Saturday's race. Ramped up over last three minutes.
Bike 1 hr 1 min, 21.0 mi
Progression. 50min at level 14/15 but did some spin ups and high power at end. Did 1 min @ over 400 watts then cooled down.