Registered: May 03, 2005
Age: 43
Sex: Male
Location: Reston, US

Summary: Year

Swim 110:10 365,086.2 yds
Run 202:27 1,464.1 mi
Bike 381:29 6,511.4 mi
Walk 13:15 39.8 mi
Other 52:05 20.6 mi
Total 759:28 8,243.4 mi

Summary: Month

Total 0 0mi

Summary: Week

Swim 2:42 9,100 yds
Run 2:59 23 mi
Bike 2:01 41.5 mi
Other 1:00 0 mi
Total 8:42 69.7 mi

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Thursday, Oct 30, 2014
Swim 45 min, 2600.0 yds
Really bad day in the water. Don't know what it was. Pretty tight, hard workout from yesterday, and generally lack of sleep but never got in a groove today. Will have to swim tomorrow now.
Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014
Swim 58 min, 3300.0 yds
Interesting experimentation day. Tried to swim more downhill with angled deep arm entry. Felt much easier, smoother, and balance but opening 500 in disappointing 8:13. Though effort was much easier with far lower HR. Then did full drills. 500 fist in easy 7:30 and free with fins and paddles sub-7. Did band work very easy in 39-41. then 8 x 25 in 19-21. Easy. Coolded down with easy 100. Will keep playing.
Run 1 hr 9 min 30 sec, 9.0 mi
Pretty hard progression run. Started 7.0 then added .1 every 1/2 mile. Finished at LT for last 1/2 mile. HR went from 120-160. Zone 2-4.
Bike 1 hr 1 min, 21.5 mi
Very hard trainer ride. 15min warmup level 12-14, then 10 x 2min @350 watts (zone 4) with 1min recovery at 170 watts. Brutal. Legs and lungs were burning. Sweat through everything. Went straight to brick run that was pretty tough as well.
Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014
Swim 59 min, 3200.0 yds
Not a great day but much better than expected with the more than one week off. Didn't feel good at the outset and was pretty tight due to yesterday's pretty hard upper body workout. opening 500 in 8:05, then full drills. bands were slower than expected but felt Ok. Main set: 10 x 50 in :42-44, on 1:00. 200 cool down.
Run 45 min 23 sec, 5.5 mi
Very easy brick run after yesterday's speed work. Wanted to run whole hour but ran out of time. Did some striders near end. LT for .5mi.
Bike 1 hr, 20.0 mi
Pretty modest progression ride on trainer at gym. Level 12-15 every 15min. Did 4 x :30 one leg drills and spin ups in last 10min. Went straight to brink run on treadmill.
Monday, Oct 27, 2014
Run 1 hr 4 min 20 sec, 8.5 mi
Since I didn't run yesterday I decided to bust out some intervals. 1.5mi warmup, then 7 x .5mi @5:55 with .5mi recovery at 8:30 pace. .5mi cool down. Went straight to weights afterwards.
Other 1 hr
Hit lower and upper body well, didn't get to do as much core as I would have liked. Will do tomorrow and some isometric work at home.
Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
Bike 5 hr 35 min, 96.0 mi
GA ride with Nate early out to Harper's Ferry. Pretty easy week this week. Kept the pace quite easy. estimation on time as I haven't downloaded workout.
Walk 1 hr, 3.1 mi
Pretty good hike at pohick Bay with Cam and Quinn and the Scouts a couple hours after the long ride.