Most Aerobic Points Last 30 Days

User Points
stillmoving 2432
sergio 2078
abrown 2067
Scot 1853
djm2150 1748

Most Aerobic Points Last 7 Days

User Points
stillmoving 511
abrown 469
ironmayb 450
Scot 427
NMGal 376

Most Swim Distance Last 7 Days

User Distance
abrown 31100.0 yds
TriSliceRS 26488.2 yds
leh 25423.2 yds
Scot 24695.0 yds
HalfSpeed 18900.0 yds

Most Bike Distance Last 7 Days

User Distance
NMGal 315.9 mi
stillmoving 292.5 mi
mopey 226.2 mi
cmscat50 221.0 mi
sergio 208.2 mi

Most Run Distance Last 7 Days

User Distance
tigerchik 60.2 mi
SteveMahood 54.0 mi
tricyclist 50.3 mi
djm2150 50.2 mi
ironmayb 49.9 mi

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